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Tracked mobile jaw crusher station using German technology to design and manufacture, has reached the international advanced level, widely used in the design of the world's most advanced mobile crushing technology, mobile customers can fully meet the crushing requirements change your profit model.

250t/h-450t/h Sedimentary rocks Mobile crusher station in Central in Africa

Tracked mobile crusher station Features:
1. Reliable crushing plant reflects Haz Mark advanced technology concepts, using the best as a primary crushing station, the optional high-performance separator can be effectively used in the recycling industry, the crusher station is particularly suitable for machining rock, can access to excellent grain shape of the final product.
2. The impressive durable design MP-PH series crushing station has experienced and versatile, and economical to run.
Dynamic control system and the best treatment space 3. The crushing station to ensure that the final size of the maximum output continuity and homogeneity.
4. tracked mobile crusher station in the same category for the most economical, is truly world-class products.
All in all, tracked mobile crusher station has a flexible application, by direct drive Haz Mark crusher, it will limestone, reinforced concrete, brick and asphalt concrete processed into high-quality products. Good mobility, high performance, low processing costs.
Crawler mobile impact works:
Tracked mobile crusher station is a kind of energy to break the material broken machinery utilization impact. Machine work, driven by the motor, the high-speed rotation of the rotor, when the material into the zone plate hammer, hammer plate and rotor impact crusher, then crushing device was thrown on the counter-attack again, and from then on the counterattack liner bomb Back plate hammer again crushing area, this process is repeated, the material descending into the chamber repeat counter crushed until the material is broken to the desired size from the discharge port.