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High weir classifier by means of mineral particles of different sizes, sedimentation speed grading equipment in the pulp. Smaller particles overflow pulp for mineral sorting, large particles of sand are transported to the mill for spiral secondary grinding, high weir classifier also can be used for mineral beneficiation before Desliming. High weir spiral classifier is widely used in the concentrator and mill closed cycle process dubbed minute drive shunt mineral sands, or gravity concentrator to grade ore and fine mud, and metal beneficiation processes for pulp particle size classification, and washing off the job in the mud, dehydration and other operations. The machine has a simple structure, reliable, easy to operate.

500t/h quartz Spiral classifier price in Zambia

Benefits Features
High weir spiral classifier
Increase the return sand sand back end automatic lifting device, unconfigure ball tablespoon head.
Per ton of ore ships can save 1 to 1.5 degrees.
Avoid frequent maintenance tablespoon head.
Slowing the uneven impact of the mill large and small gear.
working principle
High weir spiral classifier using the pulp from the ground after the central settlement area of ​​the inlet to the sink, the sink is installed inclined grade pulp settling zone, spiral slow rotation of the pulp from the stirring effect, so that fine particles suspended above, the flow of the overflow weir. Coarse particles sink to the bottom, by a screw conveyor to discharge the discharge port as the sand back. Weir is positioned higher than the lower end of the screw shaft bearing center, below the upper edge of the overflow terminal helix.